About Us
About Us

Let’s start by comparing CBD to other things we put in our bodies. Food, for example, offers some telling comparisons. Would you prefer processed food with preservatives sold to you with slick commercials and displays, or would you rather something that’s fresh from the farm and unaltered when it hits your table? Easy question...right? 

So, the first question you should probably ask yourself when selecting which CBD to buy is: Do they make it or just market it? Only 1 of 25 ads you see are from folks that actually make their own CBD. Put another way, 96% of the CBD you can buy today is not made by the folks selling it to you. They are not CBD producers, they are simply marketers. Our approach is different. We believe that efficacy (how well it works) comes first because, if it works really well, then our customers will experience the benefits, and feel better. To this end, we make our CBD on our farm using the entire plant. We cold press it and accept the yield the plant offers. The result for you is an “entourage” effect whereby the plant and all of it’s ingredients work together to afford you optimal results. We like to say around our farm that, “Nobody is smarter than the plant”. After all, it took nature thousands of years to perfect the hemp plant … we’re just the shepherds extracting it’s ingredients and sending the best CBD possible to your doorstep. 

You’ve finally found the “Good Stuff.” Order today and start feeling better tomorrow!

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